Milarepa is a whole new way of living, based on the belief that life as we know it could become less complicated and more harmonious if we focused on the right things around us. This new-found way of living was discovered by our founders, not by accident, but rather through years of experimenting and researching about the ways of making life easier.

Ever since, we discovered these methods, we have formulated a way to organize our practices in such a way that others who want to follow along could do so with relative ease. What works for us could definitely work for others as well, for the principles we follow are nothing but laws of nature which have been around for as long as we can remember.  The only thing is that, people seem to have forgotten they exist, mostly because of modern advances in technology.

But in recent years, the advances in technology seems to have a negative effect on people in the long run, and some have sought remedy elsewhere. Most of those who come to us say they find that our methods work best with them because it is the natural laws of nature which are being followed.

This, in fact, is the top guiding principle in which we live by, and which we preach to our followers. No, we are not a religious organization, let me make that clear now. Instead, we are a holistic entity looking to make man “whole” again by finding parts of himself which he has chosen to neglect in the past.

Milarepa believes in the innate goodness of men, and this is evident in our teachings in our meditation classes. We seek to bring out the innate goodness in man, and elicit a positive response from him. Life goes that way full circle.