Empty Your Closet For A Good Cause

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Regardless of the seasons, there are always clothes in your closet that you will never use. Either they are too old or simply too out of fashion for you to even consider wearing them. We spend thousands of dollars each year on purchasing items that we never use and clothes and shoes seem to be a major contributor to the budget. So why not take some time and go through your closet to get rid of items you no longer use. Older jeans and gently used shirts and shoes may be something you decide to throw away, but these are items someone less fortunate can make use of. Office clothes, winter and summer clothes, and even shoes are all seasonal and you will feel better about donating them. Throwing them away is a waste of your hard earned money and often we try to hold onto them just for that reason alone. If you give them away to a good cause, you will be helping someone who needs them and it will not be a waste of your time or money.

If you are unaware of where to donate them, simply look online and you will be surprised to find out how many organizations are within your community. Take your older clothes to them and they will in turn distribute them to the less fortunate. Whether its victims of poverty or natural disaster, there is always a need for clean clothes and you have the opportunity to provide that. Some charitable organizations will only take your shoes so you have another way of providing for the less fortunate with items you no longer need. Charitable donations do not have to come in the form of money and your old items will be treasured by many. This will not only give you a change to help those who need clothes, but you will have a reason to update your closet too.

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