Footwear Donations Go A Long Way

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Many of us have more shoes than we know what to do with, but there are people who can not afford a single pair of shoes. During the summer people need sandals and other lighter types of shoes so that they can walk around without hurting themselves and in winter they need socks and covered shoes to keep warm. There are many companies out there who work to provide the less fortunate with footwear and now that more of us are aware of the importance of shoes, even celebrities are doing what they can to help out those who need it. Charities ask for footwear, especially for children and knowing that we have more than what a child needs often makes us upset.

You do not have to go out and purchase shoes and socks to donate to charity, unless you want to. In most cases charities will accept gently warm shoes and new socks to send to those who need it the most. There are those living on the streets and those who have just lost everything, and one thing they all need is a good pair of shoes. Your generous donation will be appreciated in more ways than you can imagine. People feel that their shoes are too expensive or too precious to donate, but how many of you have an extra pair of shoe or sandal that you will never use? Rather then just letting it sit in your closet collecting dust, why not give it to someone who can make use of it.

If for any reason you feel that your footwear will get more money if sold than just covering one pair of feet, then try to sell the item and with the money received, you will be able to purchase several pairs for donation and even a new one for your self. Every little bit counts and if we work together we stand to make a difference.

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