Putting Together A Winter Charity Event

Walk for Cancer - it's raining!
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The coldest months in the winter brings about some of the worst weather imaginable and unlike us, millions of people suffer due to the cold. This year why not gather the people in your community, and in recognition of those who need the help, put together an event to raise funds. Plan an event where the whole community can help raise money, and other items to help out those who need it the most. Here are some ideas to organize an event and attract people to help out the less fortunate in your own community.

1. Hold a pot luck event, where people can come and have a great time and help raise money. The money raised can be used to provide the less fortunate with blankets and other worm weather items, which will keep them safe. A little from each person in the community will go a long way and those who can afford it, will donate generously.
2. Often it is not the financial donation that counts and a lot of these charities need extra help. A community can help to organize volunteers who are willing to donate a couple of hours of their time each week. With the additional help these charities can work a lot faster in providing aid to people who need it the most.
3. Fund raising picnics are a great idea for the community. Ask the small businesses around you for donation and you would be surprised to find so many willing companies. Most local companies are fond of the community they live in and they enjoy donating as much as anyone else. You as a community support their business and it is only fitting for them to support your charitable cause too.

There are several other things you can do. With a little imagination and some planning with the rest of your community members, you too can provide the help.

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